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Lifelong International, Inc. has manufactured and supplied High Performance Specialty parts to many centers for years.

Our distributorship capabilities, allow us to offer our High Performance line of parts direct to you with many specialty items, and any other products or items you may need for your center through our V.I.C. program and factory liaisons.

Our access to worldwide sources enable us to provide nearly anything you may need as well as other innovative products you probably never even knew existed! Weather you’re looking for new or used parts or equipment, or supplies of any type, simply call us or your liaison or visit our new website at www.bowlingproducts.com.

We offer products and supplies factory direct that are made in house, items obtained from some of the very same wholesalers that supply the other manufacturers, and from select affiliated distributors across the nation and around the world.

This means that anything on the world market will soon be available from one source through Lifelong’s V.I.C. program. Current distributors have a limited line by comparison because it’s not possible for any one company to stock everything. We, as a manufacturer, distributor and broker give you the convenience of a one-stop shop. Lifelong’s V.I.C. program is becoming so large, more and more manufacturers are joining us to provide you with additional products and deep discounts. As we expand our program and enroll more centers like yours, other manufacturers are joining in. This is happening so fast that it’s currently impossible to update manuals for printing fast enough. Our factory liaisons will work with you to provide all the latest updates as they become available. Through Lifelong’s V.I.C. program you can now order one single item or arrange for financing and the building of a complete center from the foundation up! Our unique positioning as a manufacturer, distributor and broker allows us to work with other companies in ways that enable us to obtain pricing that is not available to others by any other means. We often can supply items at a lower cost to you than the original manufacturer of a particular product even can.

 We have the flexibility to work on a cost-to-cost basis with other manufacturers and companies, which results in additional savings that we pass on to our V.I.C. customers. Although we began purchasing like this with just a few companies that we work with regularly, more and more others now want to participate. As a group, we are taking advantage of this purchasing power for all participating V.I.C. members.

Your factory liaison is not a "sales rep". He/she is a qualified, hand selected individual who knows first hand the time and money you spend to keep your center running smoothly and your customers happy. Our liaisons have been trained to not sell you products that you don't really need. They are problem solvers, trained to help you get the most from your hard earned dollars. We have selected a mix of service technicians, ace mechanics and professional installers to develop a network of experienced professionals who all have their specialty. Together, they provide an invaluable wealth of experience. Through them we know what centers are renovating and can match buyers with sellers, provide installation, and transportation. And if you're shopping for new, weather you're building a whole center or just doing some renovating or updating, give us a call before you sign, we can often get you more for your money.

Over the years there have been many changes in the industry and not all of them have been to the benefit of center owners. Years ago, pinsetter parts were, for the most part, all built well and provided many years of service. These days, parts seem to have a limited lifetime and need to be replaced more frequently. This results in higher parts and labor costs for you. Lifelong's high performance line is built to last, and provide years of service with minimal maintenance and our liaisons help us in providing better service to all of our customers. We do have an economy line that are your typical OEM style parts for those times when you need to watch every penny but these parts are not substandard in any way. Even with our economy line, we are always looking for feedback so that we can continue to provide the best parts and service available. 

Your factory liaison is local to you and they all have direct contact with us. We listen to the feedback they give us from their customers so that we can continually improve our services to you. Most are able to assist you with installation questions. We have provided our liaisons with photo ID certification cards. So you know weather they have been certified for sales, tech support and/or installation. Each Liaison certification has an expiration date requiring renewal so we can maintain a network of only the best.  

We run special promotions and have preferred buying programs for our best customers. We know that changes in the industry over the years have resulted in varying and different challenges for large and small centers. Individually, it's difficult to initiate changes with suppliers and manufacturers that concentrate only on their own bottom line. By working together with combined purchasing power, we can get results that will enable you to-c lower costs and operate more efficiently and the volume sales will ensure that Lifelong is truly a Lifelong company that will be around forever to ensure that centers are able to facilitate the changes that they need to allow them to grow and change as the Industry changes. 


Part Quality

  • All parts available through Life Long meet industry standards at minimum.
  • Many exceed industry standards
  • HP parts (High Performance) exceed industry standards by far and provide you with superior quality and workmanship


H.P. Parts (purpose) 

  • Our HP (high performance) parts exceed by far industry standards and are the best available.  The prices on these items are standardized and their advantages make the additional cost well worth it and actually make them more cost effective in the long run.
  • HP parts offer special advantages that may include any or all of the following
  • Longer life expectancy

  • Lower maintenance

  • Fewer moving parts

  • Special advantages or features

  • Includes Life Longs High Performance specialty items as well as others that are made specifically for us by the finest manufacturers in the world


V.I.C. Card # 

  • Your V.I.C. membership number is issued at the time you sign up for membership
  • Your liaison (or temp) will call our office during the enrollment process and your membership number will be issued at that time
  • This ensures that your orders are properly tracked to ensure you the lowest possible pricing on each and every order.


Pricing our Parts

  • Our traditional parts are offered at the lowest price possible, enabling you to get the most from your parts budget.
  • Our HP (high performance) parts line prices are standardized, but still more cost effective in the long run by lasting longer and lowering replacement cost and labor.



(how we do it and where it comes from) 

  • Our network of liaisons keeps us informed of who has used equipment for sale, when it will be available, and an equipment background on it (is it obsolete or are they simply updating?)
  • We are networked with a variety of wholesalers, brokers and other industry professionals that refurbish and/or remanufacture used equipment so that it is ready for installation.
  • Many of the remanufactured pinsetters are updated with some or all of our high performance parts to ensure that the buyer is getting the most for his/her money.
  • Enables us to be your one stop shop for anything you may need to run your center.
  • Enables us to be able to build a center from the ground up – from conception and financing to providing installation.
  • When purchasing used parts Lifelong receives the money in holding and you receive the parts. Once you examine the parts and agree to accept them Lifelong will release the funds to the seller. This method has worked well for us and assures quality control.


Tech Service

  • Tech Service can be provided by your assigned factory liaison providing they are qualified for tech support
  • Can be provided by another liaison near you if your liaison is currently only certified for sales
  • Can be provided by calling Life Long toll free at 877-235-8300.  If we can’t help you we will put you in contact with someone that specializes in your area of need.


Factory Liaisons 

  • Our liaisons are not sales reps although you can and should order from them.
  • They are problem solvers trained to get you the most for your hard earned dollars.
  • Liaisons have been trained not to sell you items that you don’t need or items that will not solve the problems you are trying to resolve. 
  • Liaisons are qualified, hand selected individuals that know first hand the time and money you expend to keep your center running smoothly.
  • Our liaisons include a mix of service technicians, ace mechanics and professional installers – the best in the industry.
  • The combined knowledge of our factory liaisons gives you access to a network of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals whenever a problem comes up at your center that you or your current staff isn’t able to resolve.  No one person can be expected to know it all. By working together in this manner we can all learn and gain additional knowledge
  • We monitor their work and the satisfaction of their customers to ensure that we offer the best in the business.
  • They ALL have valid photo ID cards issued by Life Long that indicates if they are certified for sales, service and/or installation.  Be sure to look at your liaisons ID and note the expiration date. 
  • Our agreement with them enables us to eliminate any that do not meet our standards of excellence. 
  • You may receive phone calls from Life Long periodically when we are following up to ensure customer satisfaction.  We ask that you provide forthright answers to help us ensure that we continue to have only the best of the best.


Your Factory Liaison

  • Is local to your area and most can assist you with any technical questions or issues.
  • Will pass along your feedback, so we may continually improve our products and services.
  • Will keep you informed of any additional parts/products added to our line as well as other added benefits, special pricing and promotions. Other valuable services are currently being put into place.
  • Will ask for your email or fax number so that we can notify you of any limited time specials for V.I.C. members in a timely manner.  Life Long WILL NOT share, sell or otherwise make available this information to any other company or entity.
  • Can assist you in lowering costs through various means at his disposal  


How to order your parts 

  • Make out your order using the order forms provided in your membership kit and the part numbers listed in the back of your membership catalog.
  • Email, fax, or call in your order to our toll free number.
  • Your order will be faxed back to you with your order total
  • Payment will be processed using the payment method you have on file.
  • Be sure to order at least once every 30 days to maintain your V.I.C. pricing – even a small order every 30 days will ensure you maintain your V.I.C. status and that you receive the lowest possible prices each and every time you order.
  • If your V.I.C. card number wasn’t used within 30 days from your last order you will be charged according to AMF retail pricing. At that time your V.I.C. card will be reactivated to the date of your last order – (no exceptions).


Payment methods

  • Our low, low, prices, prohibits us from being able to provide shiny full color catalogs, billing services or to cover the costs involved with offering terms or financing.
  • Accepted payment methods include Visa/Master Card and check by phone.
  • Your preferred method of payment is set up when you purchase your membership.

Corporate chains and qualified centers may purchase through our factoring company who will charge you a 3% fee for 30 day financing and a 1% fee for every 10 days in excess of 30. Prices are so low there are no exceptions.

 If you would like to become a Lifelong Factory Liaison call us at 877-235-8300 for details.




Service to you is our number one objective. We offer superior service by having local factory direct liaisons in your area.  Each liaison is a certified mechanic with advanced on-going training who is part of our nation wide network. Our network is growing into hundreds of specialists who, as an organized group, offer a service never before available to you. No single mechanic or specialist knows it all. One call to your local liaison will put you in direct contact with one of our specialists who can troubleshoot and answer any questions or issues you may have.



We deal with manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and many used equipment suppliers across the nation making us the “one stop shop” for anything you may need. Simply call your locale liaison, fax your order, or for convenience, order directly from our web site. We can also build a center for you from the ground up - literally.