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Enviro Bushings®


Lifelong proudly distributes Enviro Bushings®

For AMF Machines    For Brunswick Pinsetters

What Are Enviro Bushings®?

Enviro Bushings® are
bushings machined from a non-metallic material that contains a lubricant within its matrix. It will not spin out, drain out, or dry out. They are used to replace bronze, brass, steel, aluminum, and other bearing materials.

Why Use Enviro Bushings®?

  • Eliminate lubrication schedules for: Front Roller Supports, Pinion Gears, Ball Lifts, Starter Pads, Spot Links, Pit Conveyor Assembly, Clapper Box, Y Switches, Idler Gears, Pin Ejectors, Sweep Links, Kickers, Rudder Drives, Dist. Yoke Support, Belt Tensioner, PBLs, Sure Pik, and many more.
  • Reduce machine maintenance man-hours.
  • Many man-hours are spent replacing and adjusting machine parts and functions, due to problems caused by excessive or insufficient lubrication.
  • Reduce machine downtime.
  • Adjusting machine functions during league play because of lubrication problems is a condition of the past.
  • Improve the work environment.
  • Less clean up duty, less accidents with greasy tools and slick surfaces.
  • No grease on the carpet when we experience a broken universal joint.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Bowlers finish league play as scheduled.
  • Reduce cost and physical effort required to maintain pinspotters.
  • Machines remain in alignment with sufficient lubrication and operate as designed