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The World's First
Hinge-Less Front Roller

  • No links or hinges to wear out

  • True tracking with any carpet

  • Carpet will always track toward the ball exit

  • Dramatically extends carpet life

  • Automatically actuates to each carpet drift

  • Even old carpets with trimmed edges will track toward the exit

  • Cuts labor and parts costs

  • Use your existing front roller body

  • Comes with everything you need to convert an odd or even machine

  • Patent Pending

    Part # LL 300-301
    $397.75 USD



Our new roller goes around back and forth without the need for hinges or bearings. We can do this because of a material called Nylube (oil impregnated nylon). It's a specialized industrial type that is so strong it outwears steel.

The roller looks like the old style on the outside, but is very different inside. Instead of hinges there is a solid support that runs from one kickback to the other. There are two solid steel support collars that sit in the bearing supports instead of bearings. The center section doesn't move at all

Each end of the roller has a Nylube core with a machined end that inclines for 90 degrees on its rotation. The incline acts as a cam, and it's the cam that pushes the roller away from the exit as the carpet drifts. The stationary core has a cam follower on it. The carpet is allowed to drift toward the exit until the Nylube cam contacts the cam follower, then gets pushed away. It's that simple and doesn't rely on the carpet pushing against the edge of the roller to make it work.

 That's a tremendous advantage for extended carpet life!



Light Ball Clutch



Little or no maintenance required!

Patent Pending

  • Eliminates all light ball problems
  • No more pins in the door
  • Fewer moving parts
  • No more expensive light ball sensor repairs
  • No more delays or kick outs that are common with spring shocks
  • Made from precision machined aluminum and cold finish steel
  • Two models available to replace hydraulic and spring shocks or light ball sensors
  • Recently redesigned for easier adjustment and superior performance
LL 300-201 Replaces spring or hydraulic shocks $199.19 USD
LL 300-202 Replaces Light Ball Sensors $164.25 USD
LL 300-223 Tube for Light Ball Clutch $29.10 USD
LL 300-212 Torsion Spring $4.75 USD





  • Designed in 2 separate halves to accommodate any size V
  • Helps prevent ball lift belt from walking off the pulley
  • Ability to adjust ball speed coming off the rail and onto the down sweep
  • Reduces spinning by applying more pressure on the ball against the up rails
  • Prevents belt from skidding on pulley as ball passes, "dramatically" reducing wear on the V
  • Allows ball lift to raise higher creating wider spaces between upcoming balls, reducing underlanes
  • Easy installation
  • Patent Pending
LL 300-275
$69.00 USD


  • Easy installation - clips right in place with no need to remove unit

  • Designed to pull up and out, providing even tension of both rudder drive belts

  • Amount of tension is easily adjusted

  • Comes with chain assembly, support bracket and tension bracket

  • Tension bracket is zinc plated for longevity

  Part #LL 300-322 

$24.67 USD 



The Duro-Ring


The Duro-Ring
Part # DURO
$287.00 USD (Set)
  • The most heavy duty door weldment ever constructed
  • Backed by a 10 Year Warranty
  • Has a welded nut plate for easy installation
  • Full length support straps, have more contact area with the machines and more weld area to the ring
  • Made with 1/4" steel and is strapped to its mate for superior strength
  • View what other mechanics think of the Duro-Ring at Bowl-Tech


Adjustable Lower Support


The Adjustable Lower Support
LL 300-002
$71.33 USD 
  • All new design allows you to make adjustments right in the machine
  • Allows you to achieve the perfect "tweaked" angle of your ball lift
  • Available for PBL's - replaces AMF part # 070-011-002
  • Enables you to apply more pressure on your uprails
Rocket Rails


The ONLY uprail covers with the "Active Oil Control System" - allowing for optimum oil emulsification

Rocket Rails - The Most Innovative Rail Covers Available

  • Concave design creates 1 1/4" of surface area
  • Textured surface allows for additional grip, and reduces oil accumulation
  • Special material repels oil and has the grip of rubber and the durability of urethane
  • LL 300-105 will match up to existing rail covers, allowing the use of current covers to reach from the bend up to the down sweep
  • Bottom section is tapered for easy transition and is likely to split
  • All sections have openings molded into them with wire ties in place - making it no longer necessary to remove the rails to change the covers
  • Inside texture grips the uprail and secures with a wire ties
  • See what other mechanics think about Rocket Rails on Bowl-Tech
LL 300-105 (Half Set) - Covers from bottom    to the bend in track $135.56 USD
LL 300-106 (Half Set) - Covers from the bend to the top $144.93 USD
LL 300-107 (Full Set) - Covers the entire track $238.80 USD


Paddle Speed Reduction Pulley


Paddle Speed Reduction Pulley
  • Slows down paddle speed - allowing time for light balls to enter into the exit opening
  • Narrow "V" allows belt to wedge in - providing less belt slippage
  • Available for 82-70's (shown) and 82-30's
LL 000-022-063 Reduction Pulley for the 82-70's (1/4" belt) $33.99USD
LL 030-008-689 Reduction Pulley for the 82-30's $43.26USD
LL 030-011-131 Reduction Pulley for      (3/8" Belt) $39.55USD