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The Humpback 300 Ball Return



The way it works is simple.

The Humpback belt has two humps about an inch higher than the rest of the belt. As the ball falls in between the humps, and as the hump comes around, it lifts the ball wedging it onto the uprails and the hump carries it to the top.

You can put out as much oil as you want and every ball will still come back - Rubber Balls, Plastic Balls, Resin Balls it doesn't matter!!

If you are changing over from the kickers: remove kickers, the aluminum parts, the starter pad, and the filler pads. This eliminates all moving parts with the exception of the belt and paddle.

Part#     Item        Price    Qty. Ordered
HBK Humpback Conversion Kit for Kickers and PBL's $919.90USD
LL 300-001 Spare Humpback Belt $337.50USD
LL 300-016
Installation Template 
(*Needed for 1st Kicker Conversion only)
LL 000-022-063 Reduction Pulley for 82-70 $33.00USD
LL 030-008-689 Reduction Pulley for 82-30 $42.00USD

* Download the installation guide for the Humpback for more detailed information