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Rocket Rails

for Brunswick A-2's and A-2 Conversions

      Concave Design Provides More Contact Area for the Ball to Ride On                                         Helps Prevent Yo-Yo's Prevalent with Standard Rail Covers
  • The easiest lift rod covers to install - period.
  • All sections have openings molded in them and fasten to the lift rod using wire ties
  • Specially designed to self-center as the ball goes up, they stay aligned and will not turn or twist
  • Concave design creates 1 1/4" surface area on each lift rod
  • Manufactured from a special hybrid material - repels oil and has the grip of rubber with the longevity of urethane
  • Textured surface allows for additional grip and reduces oil accumulation
  • Inside cover is also textured for better grip on the lift rods
  • Rocket Rails were designed specifically for one application in mind - better running machines with less ball calls. Truly the ultimate in lift rod covers
  • The ONLY lift rod covers with the "Active Oil Control System" - allowing for optimum oil emulsification
  • Patented

Active Oil Control System

The ROCKET RAILS have an “ACTIVE OIL CONTROL SYSTEM” built into them. Be sure to fully read the instructions before installation to understand how to activate the system.

There are numerous types of rail covers on the market to choose from, however none are as high tech as your new ROCKET RAILS. These are designed specifically for bowling machines and today’s oil types and conditions.

Old style covers are either made from rubber or urethane. Rubber rails work better initially because they usually have more grip than urethane. The problem is rubber will absorb oil and in a short time will degrade, wear and start to slip. Urethane will generally last longer than rubber but will slip easier.

ROCKET RAILS are made from a modified urethane that has the adhesion properties of rubber and the durability that you would expect from urethane. They also control oil in a very specific way. Our ROCKET RAILS have oil control modules that constantly remove lane oil from the surface of the rail cover. There are thousands of these modules embedded and molded directly into each rail cover. Think of these modules as a wick drawing oil from the surface of the rail cover each time a ball rolls up them.

The modules collect and store the oil until the oil emulsifies. As the oil degrades, its vapors escape out of the modules creating a self-cleaning effect. This cycle is continuous and will greatly diminish daily build up of oil on the rail covers. The rail covers should not be twisted excessively. In other words, it is best to use them only in the fashion for which they were designed.

LL 300-103 11" Replacement Section $25.45
LL 300-109 Complete Kit for A-2's $197.33