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Rocket Rails

for Brunswick A-2's and A-2 Conversions

Concave Design Provides More Contact Area for the Ball to Ride On

Helps Prevent Yo-Yo's Prevalent with Standard Rail Covers
  • The easiest lift rod covers to install - period.
  • All sections have openings molded in them and fasten to the lift rod using wire ties
  • Specially designed to self-center as the ball goes up, they stay aligned and will not turn or twist
  • Concave design creates 1 1/4" surface area on each lift rod
  • Manufactured from a special hybrid material - repels oil and has the grip of rubber with the longevity of urethane
  • Textured surface allows for additional grip and reduces oil accumulation
  • Inside cover is also textured for better grip on the lift rods
  • Rocket Rails were designed specifically for one application in mind - better running machines with less ball calls. Truly the ultimate in lift rod covers
  • The ONLY lift rod covers with the "Active Oil Control System" - allowing for optimum oil emulsification
  • Patented
LL 300-103 11" Replacement Section $17.10
LL 300-109 Complete Kit for A-2's $140.40