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Becoming a Factory Liaison


The video you are about to view will explain the extraordinary changes we are making in the bowling industry, while showcasing some of our High Performance Products. We have many plans for new products, advanced service, and increased customer satisfaction.  To do this, we are obtaining the best mechanics and techs in the industry to represent us.

As a Factory Liaison, you would be our representative between our customers and our company. You, in essence, would be a distributor to all centers in your local area.

 We supply everything you would need to get you started and your compensation is considerable for doing so.  One of the qualifications is that you maintain a mechanics position.  There are also advantages to the owner of the center you work for.

The proprietor of the center where you are employed at can purchase from us at our V.I.C. wholesale price, plus an additional discount. In other words, they would get a discount in the amount that your commissions would have been for the sales in the center you work at.  We do not give commissions on orders that are submitted for your center. 

This works out well for your current boss as you may need some flexibility time wise to visit the local centers where you will present the offerings of our product line.Once you visit a center, according to our guidelines, that center is issued to you as your account.

 Commissions from the orders of those centers will go to you from that time on providing you follow protocol of our procedures. (Periodic follow up phone calls and the introduction of new items when we come out with them, would be part of your responsibilities.)

 Visiting centers one day per week, for a short period of time, will furnish you with many accounts and we will help provide the appointments for you. The size of the area you would like to network is your decision based on your ambitions and time.

Contact Lifelong for further information and qualifications if you think you may be interested. We will then send you all necessary information and details at no obligation.

If you are not interested yourself, we will soon have someone in your area to service you and your center. As of now, we currently have an extensive network of elite Mechanics and Techs Nationwide and are expanding our services to better service you and your centers needs.(Current Working Liaison Referrals Are Available For You To Speak With)