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Becoming a Factory Liaison

Why Proprietors Like Having Their 
Mechanics As Factory Liaisons

When we developed our Liaison Program the number one thought was how to provide the very best service to “all” in this industry. After a lifetime of our employees being in this industry, and seeing where things are, and where things are heading, the answers came quickly.

One issue of concern initially was how the owners of centers would think about their mechanics participating in the manner they do with us – as Factory Liaisons. So, lots of thought went into that direction. All in all we did a much better job with that aspect of the program than even we anticipated.

We already know that because we have had more than a handful of proprietors already call us asking if we would accept “their” mechanic in becoming one of our Factory Liaisons.

The reasons for that is real simple, and as a proprietor here are the reasons why you would also want your mechanic to be a Certified Lifelong Liaison:

  1. One of our stipulations (in contractual agreement) to our Liaisons is that they “MUST” retain a mechanics position to become and stay a Liaison. If not, they may lose their accounts they worked for.

  2. You as a proprietor of a Liaison you receive a free V.I.C. wholesale parts and service account with us.

  3. You also receive an additional discount in the same amount your mechanics commission would have been on all parts your center purchases from us – which in itself is considerable. We do not give commissions to Liaisons for purchases submitted for their own center. The full amount of the commission goes to “you” in the way of an additional discount.

  4. “You” as a proprietor get VIP status by way of additional discounted promotions.

  5. “You” very often may get free parts or items, as we need facilities to facilitate the trials of new and up coming products.

  6. Your mechanic will be in a network of the finest top guns in the industry with ongoing training on the newest products in the industry. Which, in itself increases your mechanics value to you and your center.

  7. Your mechanic as a Liaison will be networked with other “specialists” who have direct contact through us with each other. Considering no - one - individual can possibly know it all, it’s of great advantage to have access to the industries complete knowledge base.

  8. The additional income to your mechanic, as a liaison makes for a more secure employee financially taking burdens off of you as an employer.

  9. Your mechanic being connected as a Liaison will know first hand of important industry information before others. One of many advantages to this is when needed equipment you may want is about to hit the market (new or used).

  10. And – lets face it. Most centers in this industry can’t afford to provide 401 plans, retirement pensions and so forth for our employees. Being a liaison will provide the sort of long-term security each of us wants and needs. As a conscientious employer this is a great opportunity to help provide your mechanic with the additional income he deserves.