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Can't I use just the belt? Unfortunately, no it is not possible to install just the belt. The Humpback belt is larger than your existing ball lift belt, extra clearance is required for the humps. Your existing kickers or PBL's will not allow clearance for the Humpback Belt. Why do you recommend a spring shock and reduction pulley? If you have AMF's light ball sensors and they are working, there is no need for a spring shock and reduction pulley. However, if you do not have LBS's and you convert to the Humpback Ball Return - or the PBL for that matter - the ball then becomes gravity fed and you will need a little more strength behind the paddle to kick the pins out. And over a period of time, the hydraulic shocks tend to lose their strength. The reason we recommend the reduction pulley is because this will slow the paddle down and allow time for the light balls to enter - eliminating the "ping-pong" effect. Why are the spring shock and reduction pulley not included in the kit? We do not include these in the conversion kits simply because so many bowling centers have already converted over to one or both. Therefore, we could not justify raising the price of all the kits to accommodate select centers. Why is the belt itself so expensive, and how long will it last? Each Humpback belt is individually made. We use about twice as much rubber as a regular belt to make each Humpback. Years of engineering went into producing the machinery aids in the assembly of the belts, and they are one of a kind. For this reason, The belts cannot be mass produced in a cost effective manner. Providing your pulleys are properly maintained, your Humpback belt should provide you with as many more years of service than any other ball lift belt. What's included in the kit? The kit contains everything you'll need to convert from Kickers or PBL's to the Humpback. The only exception is the installation template (LL 300-016), which is required only for the first installation and can then be used for each installation thereafter. The template is not necessary for the PBL's. Do I have to change out my ball lift or remove the pits to install? No, it is not necessary to change your ball lift or remove the pits to install. In fact, one person is capable of installing the system and it only requires a morning or afternoon to do so. Can I convert from vertical lifts to the Humpback? Unfortunately you can't change over directly from a vertical lift to the Humpback Ball Return, although we have had centers change over first to the kickers and then to the Humpback. If this is a decision you are contemplating, please call or us and we would be happy to assist you in locating new or used kicker lifts. How long has the Humpback been on the market? The first Humpback was installed in 1997. It was initially sold in our home state of Florida. In December of 1998, we began to sell outside of Florida and currently have Humpbacks installed in 46 states and 12 other countries. I have kickers and my machines are too narrow or wide to install PBL's, can I install the Humpback? Yes, we can manufacture special units to accommodate machines that are less than 9 1/4" or wider than 10 1/4", just call or us with your measurements and we will be happy to customize a Humpback to suit your needs at no extra charge! Need more information? Feel free to call one of our Customer Representatives Toll Free, 1-877-235-8300 or us. If you need technical information you may download a copy of the installation guides for more details
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