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Humpback 300
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If you have ball calls or issues of any type with your Humpback, follow this trouble shooting guide. If issues persist, contact us and we will isolate the problem and get you up and running ASAP! Your Humpback belt warranty is prorated over a ten year period against any factory defects (Check the warranty section in your instruction book for details) Your Humpback was designed to work 100% providing installation was performed correctly, and machine variables are compensated for. We understand that there are many variables in machines from center to center, and, in the past, we have covered these issues under warranty on the first belt and have furnished information on how to prevent them from continuing. If a variable does occur, the units in your center have to be tweaked to compensate for this variable. NOTES: It is up to each individual center to make the necessary adjustments to prevent further issues. Split humps and/or a worn “V” are not covered under warranty as there are factors other than a defective belt that cause these issues.
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Trouble-Shooting Guides